How Gladiator Started

Gladiator Tutoring is an organization founded by Paige Suo and Ami Chou, sophomores at Clements High School. Their main goal was to help underprivileged children receive the free education they deserve. However, due to personal conflicts, they have decided to step down but still wholeheartedly support the cause and our team. Because we would not be here because of their initial work, this page is dedicated to their story and the reason behind GT.

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Paige Suo

Paige Suo helped found Gladiator Tutoring non-profit in November, 2020. She organized the logistics behind our program and played a large part in marketing. 

"I helped found and lead Gladiator Tutoring in November 2020. I worked alongside Ami Chou to create the organization we all know and love today, and have played a large part in marketing. Working in GT has been a great chapter of my life that is now conceded, and I am excited to see what the future holds for this organization."


Ami Chou

Ami Chou helped found Gladiator Tutoring non-profit in November, 2020. She was in charge of recruiting many people on our team and setting up sessions for tutoring. 

"I helped found Gladiator Tutoring a non-profit in November, 2020 with Paige Suo. A passion project that I have learnt many lessons in both my life and communication with parents and our tutors. It's been a fun ride and I hope and wish for this organization's success down the line."